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WHAT WE CAN DO for you - the buyer

Selling your home is a time consuming process. We take that burden off your shoulders and manage the Real Estate transaction from beginning to end.


Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction. We know that this is a big undertaking for you, and we want it to be as stress free an experience as possible. We deliver excellence in our service. We communicate regularly with you, the seller. We understand that you are vested in your property and you need someone to watch out for your best interest.


Before accepting any offer, we screen the buyer and determine to the best of our ability if the buyer is ready, willing, and most importantly, able to purchase your home. There is nothing more frustrating than finding out later in the process that a buyer cannot gather the resources to purchase your home.

We make sure that the buyer has, "skin in the game" as we like to say. Ensuring their is an agreed upon amount of Due Diligence money given to you prior to the closing of the property, helps to motivate the buyer to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

The east coast has always been a favorite of ours - and North Carolina is the best! We've helped countless families find their first home, or expand into something bigger when the new additions to their families arrive. We also consistently work with those looking to sell their homes. We can help you whether you are coming or going. Buying or Selling, you should call us at: 336-334-2039 to make sure you have the best representation possible.

Whether you're buying your very first home or moving into this area for the first time, we will help you find the perfect home of your dreams.


Our team of experienced Brokers know the area well, have connections to both buyers and sellers, and can match both you and your lifestyle to an appropriate neighborhood that's a perfect fit for your you.


We won't stop until you're happy - it's that simple. We know this is a big investment for you and want you to be happy with your new home. Although we do this everyday, we never forget that you do not. Therefore, we completely understand and respect how important this is to you.

When buying Real Estate you will need the following:

  • Inspectors
    • Home
    • Septic
    • Pest
  • Closing Attorney
  • Lenders
  • Escrow Agent

We will help you manage these and others who will be involved in your transaction.


WHAT WE CAN DO for you - the seller

every journey begins with a first step, call us now at 336-334-2039